‘Education doesn’t have to take place in a school building.’

Meet Sue, a single parent who works as a home-based, self-employed blogger via SueFoster.info She counts herself lucky to be able to flex her work around remote educating her 13-year-old daughter.

What has been your biggest challenge?

I decided that I didn’t want to expose my family to a new virus that we didn’t know a lot about. So, it’s been a challenge to avoid getting infected with Covid. And the more we learn about the long-term effects of Covid, the happier I am that I made this decision.

What is your daughter’s take on the situation?

She’s unhappy about her school’s lack of protection against airborne Covid. She tells me, “I would rather be at home than sitting in a crowded, stuffy class.”

How is she getting on with her school work?

We’re using an Online Learning App by CENTURY. It teaches maths, English and science in 10-minutes nuggets, so children don’t get bored. I’ve looked around, and this was the most affordable and effective way of learning that I could find. Sometimes I use Oak National Academy. I also teach her practical things that she needs in everyday life. She loves her learning routine and is thriving.

How did your school react when you let them know you’d be learning from home?

I received no support from the school, and I was refused work when I didn’t send her in.

What is your biggest concern going forward?

That our children have an awful future because the government won’t contain this virus. People have been gaslighted by the government and become desensitised. Take yourself back to the pandemic’s start and remember how serious we were about the situation then. Look at the case rates now. It’s worse, and people need to wake up and stop acting like it’s all over.

What TOP three things would you like the government to do?

  • Give parents more choice and support remote learning
  • Make schools safe environments and control the virus rather than letting it spread like it is
  • Maybe try doing as New Zealand does?

Do you have a message for the people in power?

To the government: stop infecting people deliberately. Step down and let someone run the country who actually cares and isn’t corrupt!

For support and information around these issues, follow @SafeEdForAll_UK on Twitter.

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