#SchoolStrike2021: Make your voices heard

This Friday, 1 October, parents worldwide are striking to demand their governments and local leaders reintroduce Covid-19 mitigations in schools.

Why have we called a Parents’ Strike?

Scientists say Covid is airborne, everyone can contract and transmit it, and no one can guarantee how anyone will react to infection. Yet, politicians have removed all measures to stop the virus from spreading in our schools.

“SafeEdForAll believes it’s legally and morally unacceptable to unnecessarily expose anyone to an increased risk of infection to a novel virus whose long term effects aren’t yet known.”

Covid poses a real threat to the long term health of our children.

An open letter to the Government published in the respected British Medical Journal said, “Up to one in seven of those infected are expected to have persisting symptoms at 12-15 weeks… SARS-CoV-2… can infect the brain, with structural brain changes having been observed in adults, including those with mild infection. Allowing mass infection of children is therefore reckless.”

The UK has 34,000 kids with long Covid.

Child Covid hospital admissions numbered 1,000 per month in July and August and rising. 14% of these children will be left with debilitating symptoms that will disrupt their education.

We’re striking to protect our children.

Politicians in the UK continue to disregard simple internationally recognised infection control measures for schools. Parents are demanding that the following protections are placed in schools:

  • Masks
  • Ventilation
  • Regular testing
  • Smaller class sizes and bubbles to enable physical distancing
  • Vaccination

Get involved in #SchoolStrike2021

  • Keep your child home from school on Friday, 1 October.
  • Share a photo of their uniform, or just school shoes, complete with a mask on social. #SchoolStrike2021 #ParentStrike2021
  • Notify your headteacher by emailing this strike action letter<<hyperlink strike letter>>

I’m with you, but can’t keep them home!

We get that not everyone can keep their children off, even for a day. But you can still be a valued part of the action.

  • Show solidarity by emailing this letter to your headteacher <<hyperlink strike letter>>
  • Amplify our voices throughout the day #SchoolStrike2021 #ParentStrike2021

Keep on pressing for change and making your voice heard!

  • Email Nadhim Zahawi, Secretary of State for Education at nadhim.zahawi.mp@parliament.uk, to demand mitigations be reintroduced in schools
  • Tweet Nadhim Zahawi
  • Write or email your Head Teacher or Local Authority to ask for mitigations to be reintroduced in schools.
  • Write or email your own MP to ask for mitigations to be reintroduced in schools.
  • Contact your local media about #SchoolStrike2021 #ParentStrike2021
  • We want schools open, healthy and sustainable; please sign our open letter to the Government to make schools safe for everyone.

If you’re struggling with school and Covid related issues, check out our website for support and legal advice, or connect with our followers on Twitter.

Download the school strike letter here scroll to the bottom of the page, under letter templates.

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