Clean Air for Everyone Everywhere: Build a HEPA Filter

This STEM resource, produced by teachers at SafeEdForAll, aims to educate students on pollution-free air. It introduces HEPA technology and highlights what engineers can do to ensure clean air is accessible for everyone.


The link includes a comprehensive lesson plan with:

  • Summary of educational and learning objectives
  • Activities to support these objectives
  • Keywords to prompt questions and discussion
  • A detailed lesson plan
  • Did you know? Sheet
  • Project checklist
  • History of the Corsi-Rosenthal Box
  • Instructions to build your HEPA filter

This effective DIY HEPA filter, known as the Corsi-Rosenthal Box, is inexpensive to make. A box fan costs between £10 and £25, and a pack of 4 MERV 13 filters can be found for under £50.

If you’d like to assist schools with funding to build filters, please get in touch with us.

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