SafeEdForAll 2022: Everything you need to know about our “First Day Of Action” on January 19th

SafeEdForAll is a group of parents acting on behalf of thousands of unheard families in the UK. We want to keep our children in face-to-face education by making schools Covid-safe.

At the start of every academic year, school staff, parents, and students have expected our risk of exposure to Covid-19 to be mitigated in schools. Yet, authorities have consistently failed us, and now it’s time to unite our voices and call for change.

Please join us in getting MP’s to prioritise education, simply:

  • Download our template letter and send it to your MP.
  • Share this blog – get friends, family and school staff involved.
  • Read our action briefing found here

Let’s demand respect for our children’s and families’ health.

SafeEd Actions 2022:

  • Vaccine choice for all children aged 5+
  • Ventilation and HEPA filtration to building services industry standards
  • Mandating face coverings in all educational buildings until children are no longer hospitalised daily with Covid
  • Bring back school test, trace and contain programmes, providing information to staff and parents.
  • Stop all criminal prosecutions of parents and punitive measures against families who choose to temporarily remote educate at home.

For updates on this action and more, please follow us on Twitter: @SafeEdForAll_UK

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