Letter Template: All you need to support your school’s HEPA application

Schools only have until 17 January to apply for their HEPA Air Filtration Units. Many school leaders may not realise the deadline is looming or may feel they don’t meet the application requirements.

Here’s an easy-to-use letter template that you can send to your school leaders to get the ball rolling.


Dear Xxxxxx

As you may be aware, the government is currently allowing schools to claim high-quality HEPA Air Filtration Units. As it stands, schools have only until 17 January to apply. It is great news that the school had received the Co2 Monitoring Units at the end of last year. I believe you will have no problem requesting and qualifying for the government-funded filtration units in every classroom.

I understand the government has set the bar of qualifying far above health and safety recommendations for levels of Co2. CIBSE Guidance (attached) stipulates it should be at 800 parts per million (ppm) of Co2 in the air before action is taken.

In its guidance, the government has raised this level to 1500 ppm, yet has made it unclear what action should be taken. Please do not let this put you off requesting access to this important piece of equipment. With all the goodwill in the world, Co2 levels classrooms will exceed recommended levels throughout the day, especially depending on the weather. Good ventilation is needed along with additional HEPA air filtration to provide the optimal level of mitigation against all respiratory, potentially virus-laden, breathed-out air.

Here is the link that takes you directly to the government website, where instructions on how to apply can be found: https://s107t01-webapp-v2-01.azurewebsites.net/list/air-cleaning

I hope that the school will put the children’s health at the forefront and make this application a priority.

Please find the CIBSE Guidance linked here: https://www.cibse.org/coronavirus-covid-19/emerging-from-lockdown



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