Clean Air for Everyone Everywhere: Build a HEPA Filter

This STEM resource, produced by teachers at SafeEdForAll, aims to educate students on pollution-free air. It introduces HEPA technology and highlights what engineers can do to ensure clean air is accessible for everyone. DOWNLOAD THE RESOURCE HERE The link includes a comprehensive lesson plan with: Summary of educational and learning objectives Activities to support these … More Clean Air for Everyone Everywhere: Build a HEPA Filter

Back to school? Know your rights!

The new half-term should be an exciting time for children. But for many CEV and CV families, it means a return to the daily threat to life from Covid-19. For others, it brings the constant stress and anxiety caused by school leaders refusing remote provision and threatening fines and even prison for non-attendance. Sound familiar? … More Back to school? Know your rights!

#SchoolStrike2021: Make your voices heard

This Friday, 1 October, parents worldwide are striking to demand their governments and local leaders reintroduce Covid-19 mitigations in schools. Why have we called a Parents’ Strike? Scientists say Covid is airborne, everyone can contract and transmit it, and no one can guarantee how anyone will react to infection. Yet, politicians have removed all measures … More #SchoolStrike2021: Make your voices heard


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