FOI Request

This is a list of FOI requests and the responses (which we will update as we receive them) that we have been asked to obtain.

SafeEdForAll only write and request this information if we have been specifically asked by a parent or teacher attached to the school.

This list is a direct response to this email (please feel free to use this template);

Please provide the following information in accordance with FOI legislation.

1. The total number of confirmed positive cases of Covid in students and
staff attending NAME OF SCHOOL between Start of term 2020 and May 21st 2021.

2. Without identifying any person please breakdown the above response to
a) students
b) teaching staff
c) non-teaching staff

Please acknowledge receipt of this request and provide an expected time frame for a response to be received. FOI regulations expect a response within 20 days.

Kind regards, NAME (on behalf of SafeEdForAll)


FOI List

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