SafeEDForAll Open letters to sign

July 2021

SafeEdForAll have been asked frequently by parents, “what more can we do to ensure that our children, school staff and families are not unnecessarily and knowingly exposed to increased risk of infection in schools?”

This letter may not be for everyone, it may be too strongly worded for some, but some parents many of whom already intend to not send their children into school in September (unless major changes are made and all scientifically recognised mitigations are implemented) may like to sign this letter.

The letter has been prepared after consultation with some Independent Sage members, teachers and healthcare professionals, who have all tried to make a case for improved mitigations for an airborne virus in schools. It was felt that it is time parents used their voices to demand change. Whilst schools operating without all of the scientifically recognised mitigations, (which can be found in examples of best practice in countries where in-person education provision has not suffered the same disruption as in the UK) does affect all of society – it directly affects parents most.

To those parents who do wish to sign, please add your name and area on the footer. To those who don’t feel comfortable signing, we do understand. As with everything else in life, there is no one-size fits all.

Please use the link below to share and sign this letter:

Petition · Department for Education: Make in-person education safer by scientifically recognised mitigations ·